Culinary Elements Corn Cob Holders
Culinary Elements Corn Cob Holders
Culinary Elements Corn Cob Holders

Culinary Elements Corn Cob Holders

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  • EASY TO USE: The process is simple; just serve yourself an ear of corn and slide in the prongs! Then, you're ready to chow down. When you're ready for another ear of corn, slide the cob off of the prongs and put a new one on. They are also useful for holding your corn in place if you choose to remove it from the cob,
  • STAINLESS STEEL PRONGS: These elegant prongs are held together with multi-colored holders to give them a fun and summery feel.
  • RUST-RESISTANT: Even as they go through multiple washings, these prongs are resistant to rust to keep a clean surface for the next time you enjoy your corn.
  • COMFORTABLE HANDLES: Hang on comfortably while you chow down on your delicious corn cob without losing your grip.
  • MADE BY CULINARY ELEMENTS: This product is ensured to be the same high quality you know and love from Culinary Elements.

At every cookout, you'll always find?ÿ corn on the cob. You know what you never find nearby? Corn skewers. There's never any proper way to handle a corn cob without them. You end up with wet fingers or butter everywhere. With all that unnecessary moisture, you're bound to drop it at some point and have to throw it away. There's an easy solution though. Use the stainless steel corn holders from Culinary Elements to give yourself an easy handle to hang onto while you dig into this summer food staple. Available in a pack of four pairs, each one is a different color to let everyone choose their favorite to pair up with their cob. The rounded comfort grip makes them easy to hold onto until you're done eating. They are reusable, too! Just wash them off and use them with another cob, letting yourself indulge in this simple but delicious vegetable.