Dawn Kitchen Brush (2 pack)
Dawn Kitchen Brush (2 pack)
Dawn Kitchen Brush (2 pack)

Dawn Kitchen Brush (2 pack)

Brand: Dawn
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  • TOUGH GRIP: Whether you're washing dishes or scrubbing floors, the embossed palm grip holds on tightly to whatever is in your hand.
  • MADE OF LATEX: These gloves offer safe protection from germs, dirt, and other messes while you clean and work in your home.
  • BEADED CUFF: These specially designed cuffs prevent water or messes from getting inside your glove, while remaining comfortable and flexible.
  • INCLUDES TWO PAIRS: Make sure you're ready for any task. Use one pair for food preparation areas, and use the other for cleaning in the bathroom.
  • MULTIPLE SIZES: Use whichever size you need to fit your hand, with multiple sizes available to meet your needs.

The night ends, the guests leave, and you're stuck with a sink full of dirty dishes from a successful dinner. You've soaked all the tougher dishes, so now you need to eliminate all the excess pieces from the dish. You don't want to reach your hand into the leftover food with a sponge, so you need something that can keep your hands out of the mess. The Dawn kitchen brush comes in a two pack, letting you keep one as backup. The brush features a comfortable, rubberized grip, making it easy to hold onto while wet. Use the extended handle to reach the bottom of deep pots and pans, breaking up tough messes rather than wasting a sponge that will need to be replaced. Using a kitchen brush to break up big messes, without ruining your sponge.