Earthwise Reusable Mesh Produce Sacks (3 pack)
Earthwise Reusable Mesh Produce Sacks (3 pack)

Earthwise Reusable Mesh Produce Sacks (3 pack)

Brand: Earthwise
Item Number: #9649
Case Quantity: 50
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  • RESILIENT: Ideal Reusable Grocery Bags made of top-grade woven polyester mesh with high tensile strength. Can be used as Produce Bags, Mesh Bags for Delicates, Mesh Bag Laundry and a perfect Vegetable Preserver.
  • ECO FRIENDLY: Function as Excellent Eco Bags. This Mesh Bag Set is environment-friendly, biodegradable and allows your fruits and veggies to breathe.
  • MACHINE-WASHABLE: Easy machine wash with cold water. Also perfect for using to wash your produce.
  • WARRANTY: Assured Lifetime Warranty against any tears, snags and holes. Your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed.
  • CONVENIENT: Provides convenient and hassle-free usage. A transparent mesh bag for produce, transportation and preserving produce.

Are you still using flimsy plastic bags? Most of us put up with plastic bags even though they are not eco-friendly, not machine-washable and most importantly, they don't keep your vegetables and fruits fresh for long! Here is a delightful alternative that is strong, washable, reusable and keeps your produce fresh and well-preserved. From your trips to the grocery store, to storing vegetables, fruits and grains at home... these premium-quality 100% polyester mesh bags are a superb value for money! You can also easily wash your fruits and veggies in them. Say goodbye to the holes, tears, snags and rotting of produce in plastic bags. These 12" x 10" bags have a comfortable size and excellent capacity to carry all your groceries. The mesh allows for easy ventilation, keeping the contents fresh for an amazingly long time! The expandability and durable drawstring cord enables you to store and carry anything you want and in any quantity. Extremely resilient and machine-washable, these bags will last you for years at a stretch!