Evercare Dryer Balls
Evercare Dryer Balls
Evercare Dryer Balls

Evercare Dryer Balls

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  • SOFTNESS: These dryer balls keep your clothing soft, bouncing against each article of clothing while drying.
  • SEPARATES CLOTHING: While the balls bounce around in the dryer, they help to break up clothing that gets clumped together, resulting in less drying time.
  • REDUCES STATIC CLING: Rather than having all of your clothing stuck and full of static electricity, the dryer balls bounce around to separate the material.
  • NON-TOXIC: These dryer balls are nontoxic, making them safe to use with anyone's clothing in your household.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC: Even if you have family members with allergies, these dryer balls help to get rid of any common allergens, without attracting any new ones.

No matter how many clothes you have, laundry day has to happen eventually. The hampers all around the house are filled to the brim, and you can no longer avoid the necessary task. After the first load of laundry goes through the washing machine, you throw that entire load in the dryer, following the clothing with dryer sheets for softness and static cling. However, the cost of dryer sheets can add up over time, and your wallet could use the break. These dryer balls go in the dryer with the rest of your laundry, eliminating the need for softener sheets. As the dryer rotates, the balls bounce around the middle, separating the clothes. As the clothes separate, they are able to dry quicker and spend less time in the dryer, which also gives you a lower gas and electric bill. In addition to drying faster, these dryer balls reduce and eliminate static cling on your clothes, eliminating allergins and dust in the dryer for lint-free clothing. Add these helpful dryer balls to your laundry supplies to make this chore a little easier.