Fill 'n Brew Disposable Cups (24 pack)
Fill 'n Brew Disposable Cups (24 pack)

Fill 'n Brew Disposable Cups (24 pack)

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  • COMPATIBLE WITH KEURIG MACHINES: Good for v.1 and v. 2 Keurig Machines. Each package has enough for 24 mornings of coffee. Each set has a filter, a cup, and a lid.
  • MAKE YOUR OWN COFFEE: Whether you want to buy your own can of coffee or create your own, this pod will let you control everything that goes in your coffee.
  • DISPOSABLE: Once you finish the single-serve cups, throw it away.
  • EASY TO USE: Follow along with the package instructions to start brewing right away.
  • PREPARE AHEAD OF TIME: Even if you want to make the K-Cup for tomorrow's breakfast, the lid keeps your grounds fresh until you want to brew.

When you are ready for a cup of coffee in the morning, it's easy to just grab one of the K-Cups from the box and let the Keurig brew it for you. However, you may not want to spend all that money on flavors when you could do it yourself. Luckily, there's a solution for you.

These cups have everything you need to create your own coffee. When you get the package, you receive 24 sets of the plastic cup, the filter, and the lid that you need to add it to your Keurig. Put the filter in the plastic cup, and then pour the grounds of your favorite coffee inside. If you feel ambitious, you can even create your own flavors. Once you've made your coffee, go ahead and throw away the cup like you usually need to with regular K-cups that you can buy for much more at the store.