Good Living Party Straws (25 count)
Good Living Party Straws (25 count)
Good Living Party Straws (25 count)

Good Living Party Straws (25 count)

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  • DESIGNED FOR THICK DRINKS: These straws are specially designed to handle the thick liquid of smoothie, milkshakes, and other delicious beverages.
  • DISPOSABLE: After you're done with your drink, put your glass in the sink and throw this straw away, eliminating one thing you often need to wash.
  • 25-PACK: Available in a package of 25, you can order this set in a package of up to 320 sets at a time, preparing you for your next party with the boys.
  • MULTIPLE COLORS: Each package comes in an assortment of colors to help you divide them between large groups.
  • WIDE MOUTH: The wide design of this straw lets you take in more beverage per sip to maintain your healthy level of hydration.

A milkshake can make any day a little sweeter. Whether you make them at home or go out to eat, there's one thing you know for sure ?Æ’?????????? these drinks are usually very thick. A regular straw just can't handle it. That's why you need a wide straw to enjoy this refreshingly cold dessert. This set of Good Living Assorted Milkshake Straws make getting drinks a lot more fun. Kids love them. Disposable, so you don't have to worry about washing. Add the finishing touches to your bar area. The set contains 25 assorted colored straws, which means everyone can get a different color. Next time you want to make everyone a sweet treat, make sure you have a pack or two of these available.