Items 4U! Mini-Plunger
Items 4U! Mini-Plunger

Items 4U! Mini-Plunger

Brand: Items 4U!
Item Number: #16602
Case Quantity: 30
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  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE: Compact design makes plunger easier to use than the standard plunger for clogged sinks.
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN: Compact for you to use in your bathroom or kitchen sink.
  • HIGH GRADE RUBBER GASKET: Works on most standard-sized sinks.
  • HYGIENIC: Keep your toilet and sink plungers separate.
  • SAVE MONEY: No need to call a plumber when you can do it yourself.

There's nothing like having a clogged sink when you have guests over for a holiday meal. Another problem, the plumber's on vacation, too. Using the big plunger from the toilet is both cumbersome and unhygienic. Prevent this problems by keeping this handy sink plunger on hand to take care of clogged sinks. Fits most standard-sized sink drains in the kitchen and bathroom. Why not buy one for both rooms for those inconvenient emergencies.