3-D Sea Life Sandwich Box
3-D Sea Life Sandwich Box
3-D Sea Life Sandwich Box

3-D Sea Life Sandwich Box

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  • SPECIALLY MADE FOR SANDWICHES: Containers specially made for sandwiches and fits standard sized sandwiches.
  • FEATURES COLORFUL SEA LIFE: 3-D Sea life design on this container will entertain as well as educate your loved one.
  • DESIGNED FOR KIDS: Give your little one this box as their first new item for school, helping them to get excited for their first day in a new place.
  • SECURE: The lid snaps securely in place, preventing the accidental spilling of all of your ingredients. It is so secure that you can toss it in your purse or lunchbox, without the risk of spills.
  • BPA FREE: This item does not contain Bisphenol A.

Packing each kid their own lunch every day can get boring for everyone. The same food, the same packaging......it can be repetitive. You need a way to change up the usual lunchtime routine. This sandwich box is designed with your bright colors and patterns on the front to help enhance the lunch hour for your little one. Accommodating most standard bread sizes, put the sandwich in here with the rest of their food and let them enjoy the colorful and beautiful 3-D design of sea life. Designed for kids, let them bring this case with them to lunch and enjoy the personal touch.