The Bar Deluxe Wing Corkscrew
The Bar Deluxe Wing Corkscrew
The Bar Deluxe Wing Corkscrew

The Bar Deluxe Wing Corkscrew

Brand: The Bar
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  • ALL-METAL: The classic, all-metal corkscrew has been designed and enjoyed by both professionals and wine enthusiasts.
  • ELIMINATE THE STRUGGLE: While other corkscrews can be difficult to use, you can confidently open any bottle of wine with this design.
  • SMOOTH REMOVAL: The corkscrew removes cork smoothly and effortlessly, making it perfect for anyone from the wine connoisseur to the casual entertainer.
  • EASY TO USE: This bar accessory can effortlessly open all wine bottles including those with artificial corks
  • GREAT AS A GIFT: If you know someone who loves a good bottle of wine, choose this corkscrew as your next gift.

The Bar Wing Corkscrew are preferred by many due to their ease of use (they require much less strength than other corkscrews) and their reliability in opening all types of wine bottles. Simply twist the screw into the cork, and lower the wings to use leverage to open your favorite wine. This stylish black and silver corkscrew is attractive, sturdy, functional and gets the job done.